The awkward introduction

Meeting people is typically an awkward endeavor. Most often I am so uncomfortable by the thought of making a “good” impression that I blow it just by saying some random off guard statement following rosy cheeks and a quick escape by an unconvincing lie about my phone ringing or replying to a phantom beckon by a friend who doesn’t exist.

Yes, standard protocol for the likes of me. Fortunately awkward introductions have become a fad, probably thanks to the ever adorable Zooey Deschanel, but here I am ranting about completely irrelevant things when I am supposed to be starting a blog…

So here it goes, my honest introduction to what I hope to be a portal to recollection of the odd happenings that occupy my life. I am currently at a loss of how to start this and I can admit that I have deleted and re-written multiple paragraphs up to this point. But eventually I got smart and put on the ever soothing Bon Iver pandora station and prayed to the gods of pop culture that I wouldn’t come off too hipster.

The basic gist of this blog is that of my adventures. Everyday varies from outdoor explorations to ridiculous displays of humanity; from existentialist experiences to the uncomfortable, and typically humorous, outcome of alcohol consumption; from a hard days dedication of studying and bike riding to falling in love. It is safe to say that my goal is to record and to share what out loud adventures have come of my life.

Before I leave the mess I have made of my first impression on this blog, I suppose a small introduction of my general character should be shared. So let’s dive in!

Yes, I am the Ali Osgood. That girl you see walking around campus with her headphones in wearing a stupidly big grin on her face as she looks around in awe of the fact that she is actually there in every moment doing exactly whatever it is that she is doing right then. Basically, I am either easily entertained or somehow accidentally enlightened by my own general being. My money is on the first one, though. I am a happy camper. Pun intended. I have somehow held on to the optimistic attitude that has pushed me through life thus far and I have now made the conscious decision to keep it, to encourage it, to share it. I have a 6-part family who loves to make fun of me, I have a variety of friends who also enjoy making fun of me, I have a dog named Bixby who I love making fun of, and she has my parents who give her whatever she wants while I am away at college…it is safe to say that it all comes full circle.

Currently I occupy Arcata, California; a small town residing on the northern most part of the gorgeous redwood coast in Humboldt County. I am studying wildlife conservation at Humboldt State University and my mind is so busy trying to memorize taxonomy and biological processes that I barely have time to match my outfits…in fact I don’t have the time for that. But who cares in a town of transients and patchouli wearing people!

Basically, I am ready for what the world has to offer me and I am following a road that will hopefully lead me to the start of my own wilderness show. A blog is simply my constructive alternative to facebook for procrastination. I want to share my stories and adventures with anyone who is looking but I also hope that this can be an outlet for me to not only remember mine, but hear and read about others as well!


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