Relax, Adventure, Happy

So I survived the midterm season.  Countless hours of living nose-deep in my text books, but I eventually found myself on the other side with a Trader Joe’s Pilsner in hand wearing a smile (one of my favorite outfits ;]) When I arrived at my parents home in Carmel Valley I was greeted by a warm sun and three overly excited dogs.  Bixby jumped on me first and proceeded to run laps around the living room, to my mothers dismay; Lola layed down at my feet whining and rolling in an awkward dance of excitement; and Matti, the sweet old girl, waited her turn until she could roll on to her back and invite me to rub her belly. I have to admit I was relieved to see them.

Wanting to start my spring break off the right way I threw on my hiking shoes, loaded the dogs up in the truck, and headed down the road to Garzas Canyon. I figured since I hadn’t had much of a chance to go outside between my two and half weeks of illness followed by midterms that I would charge up the steepest trail I could think of…Veeter’s.  Although it is an “ass-kicker” in more ways than one, it is always worth it when I get to the top.  There is a bench under an oak tree that makes for good meditation and I immediately made my way to it.  Before I could make my way around the pond, however, Bixby had already made the decision to dive into the water and cool off. Image

It’s safe to say she really loves to swim….

When I finally made it back home it was about mid day and getting hotter.  I figured since Humboldt rarely produces so much sunlight that I would catch some vitamin D and lay out for a bit.  Ah, it was good to be home…

The majority of my break went like this, except my best childhood friend who was home from Colorado joined me.  She was going through some life changes and the timing was perfect. I was there to help her sort some things out which enabled me to reflect on my own issues and expectations of life.  The two of us talked a lot, hiked a bit more, and caught up on Game of Thrones.

The real excitement, however, surfaced when my old roommate forwarded me an e-mail about an internship she though would be perfect for me.  It’s through the Sierra Club and is a program encouraging adventure and Eco-consciousness through a summer video blog.  Essentially made for me…

I recommend you check it out….

As soon as I found out about it I became a girl obsessed. As you may know already from previous posts, I am extremely adventure oriented. It is my dream and goal to create my own nature show with a dynamic angle of encouraging personal involvement with the planet through experience and adventure in the outdoors.  I passionately believe that the only way to wake up and find solutions to our exponential problems is by understanding nature on a personal level.  The natural system of the world is so delicate and so beautiful that there is no way it could not impact those who explore it.

So back to my obsession…I have been fliming and editing non-stop and find myself day dreaming about what I could accomplish with the opportunity. My 90 second film required for application will be finished soon and I cannot wait to share it with you!

My spring break wasn’t entirely eventful, however, it was adventure filled and rather relaxing. It was nice to see my happy pups too…


Lola, a happy pup after jumping in the pond and rolling in the grass


Just me, hugging trees


The top of Sobranes in Garrapata State Park, Big Sur


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